Training 3

Training 4Home Sweet Home Pet Resort offers dog training classes to help you and your pet live together peacefully and happily.  Our instructor, George Hurry, is well known in the Windham community as an expert in everything dog! In addition to being our local Animal Control Officer, he has over 30 years of experience working with dogs. He is a certified trainer for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen. George breeds show-quality German Shepherds and is committed to seeing all dogs live happy and healthy lives. He works diligently to ease fight-or-flight responses to make sure your dogs learn to trust and obey their pack leaders. We offer group and private lessons in: 

  • Basic obedience classes focused on name recognition, eye contact, sit/stay/heel/down/stand commands as well as side-by-side leash walking. Handlers will Dog Training learn how to positively reinforce appropriate dog behaviors. 
  • Advanced obedience classes to reinforce all of the basic training skills but to a higher degree. For example, the “stay” command will become more challenging when the handler leaves the dog’s visual field. 
  • Puppy classes are best if started when your puppy reaches the age of eight weeks old. However, puppies of any age are always welcome and encouraged. Let’s get this human-to-dog relationship off to a good start!
  • Group training sessions cost less than private lessons. Dogs trained within a group have the added benefit of learning social skills from other dogs and are also exposed to strangers and their pets in a safe environment. Handlers enjoy the comradery of the group and learn from the instructor and each other.
  • Service dog training is for those top dogs who you think have what it takes to venture out into the community (e.g. the children’s floor in a hospital or nursing home visits) to provide companionship and assist in the healing process. George will evaluate your dog per the Canine Good Citizen requirements to see if he/she is a good candidate to enter our six-week-long program., which includes onsite training as well as sessions out in the community. 
  • Schutzhund training requires expert instruction for dogs and handlers who wish to focus on protection and attack skills similar to those required for police dogs. These lessons are done privately as opposed to the group sessions. Training 1
  • Aggressive dog training is for dogs that begin to show signs of aggression to people or other animals. We all want a happy dog that gets along with others in every situation. George will determine the underlying cause of the displayed aggression and will provide a course of action to address it.  Training 2

Group lessons are scheduled on Saturday afternoons. Form a closer relationship with your pet and contact us for current schedules and fees.