If you are planning a weekend getaway or even a long vacation, why not plan a special home away from home experience for your beloved pet?


We know how difficult it is for pets to be separated from their families for extended lengths of time. This is why Karla and her team work their magic to help each guest feel like they are truly “home.” Dog and cat boarding guests are given extra love and affection from our caregivers and volunteers.

 Dog BoardingKarla herself has a mini-pack of friendly dogs that is always around to comfort and entertain any long-term guests. Most of these dogs are rescues she simply loves too much to adopt out. Home Sweet Home Pet Resort boarding guests enjoy the pack’s hierarchical structure and teach each other (the way nature intended) how to fit right in. Staff is, of course, always assessing temperaments and personalities to facilitate a peaceful bonding process.

Dog Boarding

When your pet stays overnight with us, they are never alone. Our new security cameras provide a direct, live feed to Karla and our staff so that we can maintain our focus on keeping safety first.

Home Sweet Home Pet Resort currently offers large chain-link enclosures and large and small Vari kennels complete with dog beds and lots of blankets to snuggle with. We also offer the comforts of two living room options for those dogs that prefer to sleep on a leather couch or in one of our custom-made dog beds. Our entire facility is temperature controlled for added comfort. Dog BoardingAll pet bedding is laundered every day to ensure cleanliness and comfort. In an effort to really pamper our guests, we will soon be adding private, custom, doggie suites!

If you have more than one pet to stay with us, we have multi-dog discounts available.

We encourage our guests to bring toys, blankets, bedding, or just about anything else from their own homes that will help them feel relaxed and comforted. Many of our pet owners bring in their own food and snacks to keep their pets’ diets consistent with what it would be at home. If you prefer to have us provide the food and snacks for your dog there is a small daily fee attached. We offer high-end, quality, grain-free foods (both wet and dry) to maintain your pet’s good health. Do you want us to brush your dog’s teeth? No problem. No additional cost. Would you like us to administer your pet’s medications? No problem. No additional cost. Dog Boarding

The bottom line at Home Sweet Home Pet Resort is that we will do absolutely anything and everything to make your dog feel the same level of love, compassion, and comfort that you provide in your own home every day. We will even match our competitors’ pricing. Give us a call or stop in to book a Home Sweet Home Pet Resort vacation today.